5 Travel Apps That Set the New Mobile Standard for the Industry

My last column promoted for a more human-centric approach to hospitality, and not caving to the cost-cutting temptations that artificial intelligence and easy automation brings.That stated, when thinking of the entire end-to-end experience in travel, it is silly to overlook the value of social and mobile as a crucial element to improve experience for everybody from luxury travel blogger airline companies, to hotels, to trip planning and management.

UAE guide for summer holidays: Where not to travel, bring how much money

Accompanying the beginning of Summer and School vacations, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation (MoFAAIC), has actually renewed its call to UAE nationals travelling abroad and advised them to follow the travel guidelines and procedures prior to travelling outside the nation.The move reflects the MoFAAIC's keenness to help with the travel of citizens and ensure their safety while abroad.

Chinese motorists screened by NZ Travel Company to cut crashes

Kate Deng's travel company books Chinese tourists on public transportation if it believes they are not experienced enough to drive rental cars.A travel company catering for Chinese tourists has considerably cut its customer crash rate through cautious screening, on roadway training, and refusing to employ cars to those it deems risky to drive.Kate Travel has brought 10,000 Chinese independent tourists to New Zealand since setting up in 2013.